Ridge Research is a contract research organization conducting trials in companion animals, considered best models for cancer and others diseases


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and bring new treatment for Companion

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Our mission is to narrow the gap between Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies and the human and veterinary market, maximizing revenue through strategic and tactical partnerships.

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Who we are

Ridge Research was created with the sole purpose of assisting Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies in overcoming the challenges of product development and clinical trials, using translational research platform in North, Central and South America, optimizing resources and maximizing revenue.


At Ridge Research we understand the roadblocks researchers encounter to bring great ideas and new compounds to the market. We’re here to speed up the time it takes your Company to progress along the long road between emerging scientific findings and market positioning of your final product.




Through conceptualization, formulation and implementation of tailored solutions for process improvement, we empower scientists and entrepreneurs to tackle their clinical development needs and meet scientific and regulatory requirements, in a streamlined approval process.


Pets are considered a natural model for a myriad of human diseases. Clinical studies focusing on pets strongly underpin the efficacy of new products destined for humans, especially when it comes to cancer treatment.


Cancer is a frequent spontaneous disease in the pet population, sharing many similarities with human malignancies such as histological features, tumor growth over long periods of time, similar immune system response, development of tumor resistance, recurrence and metastatic lesions.

The Translation Research platform connects new discoveries to patients, and takes basic scientific research to the next level.

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Step 1

Designing and performing clinical studies on pets that are considered a natural model for certain human diseases.


Data from these studies is used to support the efficacy of new products destined for the human and veterinary markets.

Our ability to conduct pilot studies and small clinical trials allows us to generate preliminary data on your compound, and analyze its impact on the veterinary market.

Step 2

With promising preliminary data, Ridge Research will assist your company in obtaining the financial support needed to complete the study and registration process.

Step 3

We will help you launch your product in targeted global markets, with a higher return of investment, allowing your company to benefit from revenue from the veterinary markets while human clinical trials are being performed.

Design Services


  • Protocol development and review

  • Prepare and implement data form (CRF)

  • Prepare electronic data capture (EDC) database

  • Pre-study enrollment projections

  • Prepare standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and testing

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Pivotal and non-pivotal clinical study management under GCP guidelines

  • Investigator and site selection

  • Investigator and site staff training

  • Pre-study site qualification inspection

  • Prepare investigator binder

  • Prepare owner diary 

  • Animal Care and Use Committee for trials review

  • Prepare presentations and publications